EP Review: Mick Dimitri ‘Take My Hand’

Italian singer songwriter Mick Dimitri began making waves after landing a support slot opening for Ed Sheeran alongside the likes of James Bay and Zara Larsson. Now the talented artist has released his intimate pop-inflected EP ‘Take My Hand’.

A set of heartfelt, brooding pop songs ‘Take My Hand’ embarks on an unfiltered journey through the prism of Dimitri’s eyes. Indeed, the artist himself describes the record as a collection of songs that, “deal with loss or the fear of loss, and they all coexist within the same melancholic universe.”

Opening track ‘End Of The Ride’ begins earnestly as Dimitri’s smooth vocal sets the tone with the lines ‘somebody loves you but nobody wants you to make a mess’, soaring into a grooving melody, danceable beat and memorable chorus. ‘Oh My Friend’ changes direction as simple, yet effective, plucked guitars are accented by harmonised vocals, Dimitri delivering his emotive lyrics as if it’s a sermon.

‘Take My Hand’ exhibits the best traits of Dimitri: soft piano notes, a foot stomping beat, falsetto vocals and a killer chorus that will worm its way into your ears for days on end. As the EP closes, Dimitri’s reflective approach comes to the fore on ‘Every Story’, a thoughtful, delicate piano ballad that showcases Dimitri’s versatility and emotive, thoughtful perspective.

‘Take My hand’ is an eclectic debut record from an artist who has exhibited an innate versatility. Blending elements of mainstream pop akin to Lewis Capaldi with chamber pop made famous by the likes of Rufus Wainwright, Mick Dimitri has struck a perfect balance between stadium ready pop and the vintage, cabaret style show tunes of days gone by.

‘Take My Hand’ by Mick Dimitri is out now.

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