EP review: Kaia Vieira ‘Vikāra’

Its always super exciting when you see an innovative new artist unafraid to push boundaries and that’s exactly what Kaia Vieira does on her eclectic debut EP ‘Vikāra’, out now.

Kicking off with the heavily trip-hop inspired single ‘Where Did You Go?’, the track oozes with woozy electronics from the offset, creating a sound akin to the likes of Portishead and Little Dragon as a result. Following on is the equally woozy but slightly more melodic ‘Make It Your Own Way’. Combining elements of trip-hop, dubstep and electronica, this one is an absolute delight to the ears that will have your toes tapping in no time.

The pace of the EP then drastically shifts all of a sudden. This could be posed as an issue for some but it actually seems to fit the whole vibe of the EP pretty well. ‘The Care Giver’ sees Kaia almost rapping over contemporary R&B soundscapes, creating a powerful sound as a result and reflecting the poignancy and intensity of the lyrics perfectly. The EP ends with a neo-soul inspired balled called ‘Believe’. Here is where we get a chance to see Kaia’s wonderfully distinctive vocal stand alone and take control. Soft piano chords play underneath Kaia’s haunting vocal throughout, allowing us to really hear the powerful lyrics that are sung with such emotion you may just shed a tear.

Talking about the EP, Kaia explains, “Vikāra was this ambiguous little word I stumbled across and fell for. It’s Sanskrit for a kind of transformation that occurs through a wound. I loved it – it summed up the soul of the EP.”

‘Vikāra’ is out now via These Furious Recordings.

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