Dyan Valdés releases acoustic version of ‘Fade Away’!

Ahead of tomorrow’s US midterm, formidable artist Dyan Valdés returns with the powerfully poignant acoustic version of her previously released single ‘Fade Away’, out now.

Dyan recorded this version on the day the US Supreme Court overturned Roe vs Wade, which took away women’s rights to make decisions about their own bodies. “Like women and people who can get pregnant all over the world, I felt devastated,” Dyan elaborates. “The original version is about finding hope when hope seems impossible, so in that darkest moment I went to my piano and tried to reach into the heart of the song to find the kernel of hope that is buried within it. The performance is vulnerable – you can hear my anger, frustration, and sadness – I wanted to strip away the layers of production to reveal the raw nerve of the song. The song is a prayer for hope and change; a plea to marginalised people everywhere to never give up the fight”.

Taken from Dyan’s powerful debut album ‘Stand‘, ‘Fade Away’ is dedicated to anyone who has ever felt trapped, marginalised or silenced. “I wanted this recording to be a snapshot of how I felt in the moment that the US Supreme Court overturned abortion rights – I hope it will continue to remind me of the pain I felt that day and will motivate me and others to use our pain, anger and sadness to try to fight for a better future,” Dyan explains.

‘Fade Away (Acoustic)’ is out now.

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