Daley Unveils Brand New Single ‘Broken’

British singer/songwriter, Gareth Daley, professionally known as Daley is set to release his brand new single ‘Broken’…

This track is fueled by a real progressive Pop sound driven with force.

You may have heard of Daley before through his single ‘Remember Me’ which featured Pop queen, Jessie J. Breaking into a fresh, catchy stream of consciousness, ‘Broken’ really sets the bar for Daley on the Pop scene, and fans will be hoping to see many more songs alike.

Recorded at Universal Music Studios, London, Daley is sounding on top of his game in this brand new track, firing beams of energy from every corner. He’s not just a guy with a dreamy haircut… believe us.

Check out Daley’s EXCLUSIVE acoustic performance of ‘Broken’ for Muzu.Tv below:


Daley – Broken (Acoustic) on MUZU.TV.


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