Avril Lavigne Unveils ‘Let Me Go’

In preparation for her latest album, one of music’s most well-known names, Avril Lavigne,  has unveiled the audio for her brand new track- ‘Let Me Go’– featuring husband and Nickelback frontman, Chad Kroeger.

Surprisingly, this track may appeal more to fans of Avril’s old sound, although it’s not quite back there. The recent sounds being fired out by this ex-Rockstar, newly formed Popstar have sang off a similar sheet to that of ‘The Best Damn Thing’- punchy Pop choruses blending in with the modern mainstream collectives.

Let Me Go’ doesn’t quite turn back to an edge, but it does succeed in being less “poppy” than previous products from Lavigne. Perhaps the element of Chad Kroeger’s harsh, more rock-like vocals implement a darker shadow on the overall track. Although, can we really give in to calling Nickelback a solid, undeniable “rock band”? We’ll leave that open to interpretation…

To sum it up- both voices blend together well and make for a pretty good halfway point between ‘Let Go’ and ‘Goodbye Lullaby’. Let’s just wait and see what the album holds…


Have a listen to ‘Let Me Go’ below:


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