BASTILLE Announce New Single & New Album

Bastille of the night

Bastille. There is no stopping the UK electro-poppers. Landing a UK No.1 with their debut album ‘Bad Blood’ back in March 2013, playing every festival imaginable and heading out on a sold out UK tour, you’d think they’d be taking a little breather when they can to have a cup of tea and maybe play some GTA.

But no, the London quartet, fronted by the charismatic Dan Smith have another treat for all you…Bastites? Bastillions?…Fans.

Announced today was the release of new single ‘Of The Night’ which many Bastille super-fans may remember featured on the free download ‘Other People’s Heartache pt 1‘ a few months back. You will also recognise this single as that super-mash up of 80’s/90’s classics ‘Rhythm of the Night’ and ‘Rhythm is a Dancer’ which has been getting gig goers and festival crowds shaking with pure nostalgic energy as they sweat, bounce and scream their lungs out to one hell of a mashup from the Bastille boys. Some of you who haven’t yet heard this may be disappointed that this isn’t an original Bastille, but believe me, put your headphones on and turn it up because your ears are in for the biggest treat since they first heard bacon hit a frying pan. Out November 25th it’ll be available from all the usual places, but for now you can see the video for ‘Of The Night’ below.

But that’s not all, the boys are also releasing album ‘All This Bad Blood’ on November 25th. A 2 disc frenzy of Bastille’s No.1 album & EP favourites and the very best of ‘Other People’s Heartache pt 1 & 2’, plus two previously unreleased tracks.

Dan had this to say: ‘All This Bad Blood‘ feels like a complete representation of what we have done so far and what we’d like to do in the future. The first part allows us to properly release the tracks that we love and play live all the time but couldn’t fit on our proper debut. The second part is a mini version of one of our mix tapes which weaves in a couple of new songs that show the extremes of where we’re heading on our next album; one guitar-driven and the other way more electronic.’

So while touring the UK, crashing into the U.S charts and sitting pretty in the UK Top 40, Bastille are doing this as well. Pretty nice going fellas. ‘All This Bad Blood’ and ‘Of The Night’ out November 25th.


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