Zenimax Release First Gameplay of The Elder Scrolls Online

Here it is, the first real in-game footage from The Elder Scrolls Online, and it looks absolutely stunning. I cannot wrap my head around how this could possibly work as MMORPG, near the end of the video when the Cyrodil PVP battles for strongholds is revealed -my god- my brain just stoped functioning and repeated the words “nope, nope, nope, nope, nope” over and over again.

It looks brilliant, but yet impossible. The world looks beautiful, and each and every section of Tamriel is instantly recognisable just from the colour pallets and environments. I cannot really find any issue in what I have just seen, I just want it now. My main hope is that all these promises pull through, we all know well enough that games can change through development and by release, the possibility of all those players on screen at once could just be a pipe dream. Either way, bring on The Elder Scrolls Online!

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