The Trailer Round-up – Latest Movie and TV trailers

Welcome to the Trailer Round-up! Your one-stop-shop for all the latest Movie and TV trailers that caught our eye this week.

Trailers! Glorious, fresh, new trailers! We love a good trailer here at Fortitude. There’s nothing like getting a little preview of all the films and tv series we’ve been eagerly waiting for, and a few we didn’t know we needed until now. Thankfully, we’ve got loads to share with you this week, and it’s quite the spread.

Netflix takes the lead with several new and intriguing sneak-peeks. From their screen adaption of the Tony award-winning play The Boys in the Band to the return of the highly anticipated second series of The Haunting of Hill House. Elsewhere, the ambitious and widely talked about new Sci-Fi series Raised By Wolves drops this very week on HBO Max! Not to mention some brand-spanking-new footage from Season 2 of the BBC/HBO co-production of His Dark Materials.

There’s definitely a lot to be excited about. So park yourself, relax, get your scrolling thumb ready, and prepare to add to that ever-expanding watchlist you’ve been working so hard on.


Raised By Wolves – Streaming on HBO Max September 3rd


We Are Who We Are – Streaming on HBO Max September 14th


The Boys in the Band – Streaming on Netflix September 30th


Possessor – Cinemas 9th October


The Haunting of Hill House Season 2 (Bly Manor) – Streaming on Netflix October 9th


The 40-Year-Old Version – Streaming on Netflix October 9th


 Grand Army – Streaming on Netflix October 16th


His Dark Materials Season 2 – BBC/HBO in November

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