As part of their Science Fiction: Voyage to the Edge of Imagination and Broadcast 100 series, the Science Museum will host a special event that sees The Radiophonic Workshop and Stealing Sheep join forces for a live performance of their soundtrack to the 1973 cult classic science fiction animation, ‘La Planète Sauvage’.
 The event will take place on Friday, 7th October 2022 at 8pm.

Expect an evening of soaring, ethereal, ambient beauty, tribal beats and a live narration to René Laloux’s mesmerising psychedelic masterpiece in our custom IMAX Theatre. The performance is preceded by an on-stage conversation with the Radiophonic Workshop and Stealing Sheep about their collaboration, and the enduring legacy of early electronica.

Re-imagined by electronic modernists Stealing Sheep and legendary sound innovators The Radiophonic Workshop. This exclusive release was released last year as part of Fire Records’ re-imagined score series.

A real pre-Avatar conundrum that Stealing Sheep, with the help of Bob Earland, Dick Mills and Roger Limb from the Radiophonic Workshop, unravel. ‘La Planète Sauvage’ an ethereal excursion that’s narrated by Roger Limb; like a futuristic Martin Denny, or Dr Who gone ambient techno, with a hint of Forbidden Planet 50 years on. It’s an analogue swirl set in an off-world paradise; a field recording from the future.

This is a creative, generation-spanning, union brought together to score this unique cult film. Don’t miss a night of dazzling audio-visual delight with art-pop trio Stealing Sheep and legendary electronic pioneers The Radiophonic Workshop.


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