Why Skateboarding Will Live Forever 

When skateboarding first hit the mainstream in Southern California in the 1950’s, no one thought it would be the huge sport it is today. Skateboarding started as something for surfers to do when they weren’t on the water.

Before long, it was more than surfers mounting these planks on wheels and moulding the idea into what we know as modern day skateboarding. Because of the following and the passion behind it, here is why skateboarding will live forever. 

It’s Become An Extreme Sport

Since the 1990’s, skateboarding has become an extreme sport that has built sports legends. 

Athletes like Tony Hawk have dominated boarding and he has built an empire of video games, merchandise, and sports equipment. His popularity has spawned an interest in skateboarding that is creating legions of loyal fans and enthusiasts who continue the sport growing. 

It’s An Olympic Sport

Starting in 1995, skateboarding was part of the inaugural X Games that were held in Rhode Island in the United States. But, fast forward 25 years starting in 2020 (competition was in 2021 due to Covid-19), skateboarding became an olympic sport, and with that kind of competition, more and more people are getting involved with skateboarding as it is physical, competitive, and creative all at the same time. 

Boarding has been elevated to the highest competitive field in the world. 

You Can Do It Anywhere

Skateboarding doesn’t need a field and it doesn’t need a designated area for you to be able to perform the sport. Skatingboarding can be practiced through streets, parks, boardwalks, or designated skating parks. Skating parks are great for learning tricks and how to handle your board without running into other people. 

When there is that much freedom to practice, more kids are inclined to take up skateboarding. What also attracts more people to the sport is that it is an individual sport so you don’t have to coordinate with a team or join a team to enjoy skateboarding. You can practice and learn on your own time at your own pace. 

It Has a Deep History

The first skateboarding shop was established in the early 1970’s. The history of Santa Cruz Skateboards shows how far boarding has come and how it created a culture of athletes not seen in other sports. What started as a place for boarders to gather and buy equipment has grown to be so much more. The company’s graphics that were designed for their boards were able to blend art with sport creating marketing and apparel that has started millions of companies.

Santa Cruz made skateboarding more than just a fun activity. Skateboarding became part of urban culture and a subculture for teens and young adults. 

Soon, skateboarding would evolve into snowboarding and surfing, snowboarding, and skateboarding have now become a trifecta of board sports that are all part of the olympic games. What was once seen as something trivial for kids has grown to become one of the most respected sports in the world. That is why skateboarding is here to stay. 

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