Single Review: Nina Nesbitt – Selfies

Photo by Alex Lake
Nina Nesbitt tells the world how she likes to take pictures of herself in this pop-fuelled track, taken off her debut album ‘Peroxide’.

Scottish singer/songwriter Nina Nesbitt has released a new music video for her single ‘Selfies’.  After reading the title of this track you may be put off by the constant barrage of selfies you are forced to see on your Facebook timeline every day, but Nina has used this modern fad in order to create a great pop song.

Rather than making this song about the mindless act of taking a picture of yourself, Nina talks about how people these days only show what they want to when creating their online persona. On her blog she states that “I wrote this track during the recent Cats & Carbonara tour with my bassist when we were discussing how when people feel a bit low about themselves they often take pictures of them looking happy, feeling good, out with friends or doing cool things. Then posting them online to perhaps make themselves feel better or sometimes to try and make the person that’s let them down know what they are missing…”

Now if you follow Nina on her Twitter or Instagram you may feel that she posts a lot of selfies herself, but she continues on in her blog stating: “I’ll put my hands up and say I’ve done it myself. Some people would call it attention seeking and immature, others would say what’s the harm in trying to feel good about yourself and for most of us it’s perhaps just a bit of innocent fun”.

If taking pictures of herself inspires Nina to continue writing pop songs of this caliber I don’t think people will care how many she posts online.  With a catchy chorus and a fun-filled music video this is sure to be a hit for Nina to follow on from the success of her past three singles, which all made it into the top 100 of the UK singles chart in 2013.  Judging by this single Nina Nesbitt is a name to watch out for in 2014.


Nina Nesbitt’s debut album ‘Peroxide’ is scheduled for release in the UK in February 2014 on Island Records. ‘Selfies’ is due to be released on January 7th, but you can pre-order it now on iTunes here.

Check out the Music Video for ‘Selfies‘ below.

Nina Nesbitt – Selfies on MUZU.TV.


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