Single Review: Joe Hicks – Mirror Mirror

Rising singer-songwriter Joe Hicks has released his new single Mirror Mirror. The guitar-laden offering gives us the first glimpse into what’s to come from his upcoming debut album which is due for release later this year.  

Mirror Mirror opens with joyful, Americana-esque guitar riffs that set the tone for the rest of the track. The drums are heavy and vie for attention against the guitar strums which lend a joyous and carefree ambiance. These two opposing elements are brought together harmoniously by Hicks’ smooth and effortless vocal. The folk and pop-rock influences are palpable throughout the track and its overall sound oozes classic Americana. The chorus of “Mirror mirror won’t you take away my fears? So paranoid my reflection is showing the years. And a fortune teller told me I was gonna be rich. So won’t you show me a future that’s better than this?” alludes to a sense of uncertainty, fear and a need for reassurance in a time when no one had the answers. Mirror Mirror reveals hidden depths once you delve a little bit deeper and makes us reflect on the obstacles we’ve overcome. 

When speaking of Mirror Mirror, Hicks said “Lyrically it’s about reassurance. It’s about when you’re feeling beaten down by the world, acknowledging your fears and giving yourself a damn good talking to in the mirror. Figuring it all out.” It’s a theme which many can relate to, especially given the unprecedented times we’ve had to live through in the past two years. Hicks was unable to play live for over a year due to the pandemic and all that spare time led to some deep introspection: “I don’t think I’m a big worrier, but when you’ve chosen a somewhat fragile career like music you get a lot of opportunities to wonder where it’s all going. This song is about one of those moments.” 

Joe Hicks was raised in the rural town of Newbury and began his career as a session guitarist before releasing his first single in 2017. He’s been named BBC Introducing Artist of the Week and has toured across the UK and Europe, playing at CarFest, The Big Festival and Pub in the Park as well as having over 30 Sofar Sounds shows under his belt.  

Mirror Mirror is available to stream now. Find out more about Joe Hicks here and have a listen to Mirror Mirror below.  

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