Single Review: Emily Magpie – ‘The Witching Hour’

Bristol-based artist Emily Magpie previously charmed listeners with last year’s EP Same Stuff, and has now returned with another beautiful offering.

‘The Witching Hour’, however, signals a move in a slightly different direction for Emily. Veering away from the ukulele-based folk-inspired ditties of her previous work, this new single incorporates more electronic elements and oozes a sweeping, glitchy grandeur and ethereal magic, reminiscent of the likes of Tei Shi.

Inspired by the power of feminine energy, written after she had read a book about the witch trials, Emily says that ‘The Witching Hour’ is “a song about claiming your own power deep from within you”. Flowing with the twinkling grace of Emily’s crystal clear vocals, alongside pulsating beats and a subtle, haunting force, it’s an utterly captivating creation from the Bristol-based artist.

Emily Magpie is currently working on her upcoming EP alongside producer Anuj Robin, and ‘The Witching Hour’ is out now.

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