Single Review: Daughter – Burn It Down

Daughters latest single ‘Burn It Down’ is one intense piece of music, taken from ‘Before The Storm’ the group’s soundtrack to the video game ‘Life Is Strange: Before The Storm’.

It’s a moody beast of a track, extremely powerful and beautiful at the same time. Destruction of the mundane things in life is one of its core themes, the track is awash with emotion. Lines such as “Momma told me all of this is, just a place we have to settle for, Less than anything we dream on we’ll continue to be disappointed”, paint a bleak picture that Torna would love to escape by burning it all down. “I’ll set fire to the whole place, I don’t even care about our house”.

Instrumentally, samples and synths joyously mix with strings and classic Daughter style swooping guitar lines. The band are not any where near afraid to take the time to experiment during their high-class studio sessions.

The layers build elegantly throughout, culminating in a climatic outro as Tonra repeats the lines “I feel down…” and “burn it down” fading into loops and samples as the entire track glides away into the ether.

‘Burn It Down’ is one intense, moody and fantastic single from Daughter.

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