Single Review: Dakota Jones – I Did It To Myself

New York City four-piece Dakota Jones have released their new single I Did It To Myself. The track is taken from their forthcoming debut album Black Light.

I Did It To Myself is funky and bluesy right from the off with the pumping bassline accentuated by the invigorating drums and crashing cymbals. Carter-Jones’ vocal is smooth and effortless as she sings the opening line “Stretch marks from growing pains (I feel alright), bottom the bottle out (I’m out of sight)…” which alludes to the difficulties of adjusting to adulthood. Carter-Jones really asserts attention with her vocal: a husky edge and confident execution, further emphasised by the backing vocals which follow her powerful lead. Keys add an extra layer of funkiness to the track which gradually builds as the guitars gain pace. The outro of “Dakota, baby baby, write the anthem” plays like a sort of mantra and in a live setting I can see this track setting the dancefloor alight.

When speaking of the track, Carter-Jones said “I Did It To Myself is about the ups and downs of learning and growing up, and the mess that can ensue. Maybe I’m going too fast and too hard, maybe I need to slow down. But if things get messed up at least, this time, I have no one else to blame. I did it to myself.”  

Dakota Jones are a rising funk, soul and blues rock band comprising of Tristan Carter-Jones (vocals), Scott Kramp (bass), Steve Ross (drums) and Randy Jacobs (guitar). Carter-Jones and Ross met in 1999 and the band was formed in 2016 following some home jam sessions. The four-piece have released a series of singles and EPs, with single Have Mercy featured on Netflix’s 2019 film Always Be My Maybe. They are set to release their debut album Black Light on 27th August. 

I Did It To Myself is available to stream now. Find out more about Dakota Jones here and have a listen to I Did It To Myself below.

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