Single Review: Cub Sport – Always Got The Love

Cub Sport, the Brisbane four-piece that have been blazing a trail with their addictive alt-pop tunes, have just released their new single Always Got The Love. The track dives deep into the themes of love, celebration and self-acceptance and is buoyed by a resounding theme of joy and frivolity.  

Always Got The Love is a little step away from the sound of Cub Sport of old and marks another step on the band’s upwards trajectory. The track opens with barely-there keys and Tim Nelson’s vocal chimes in immediately with “Always got the love, always got the love when it’s me and you” before the beat drops and the party begins. There’s a slight house vibe with the drum pads which is an eye-opening new direction and we’re taken on a journey celebrating the greatness of love backed by a beat that is summer in a bottle. Nelson paints a scene of unparalleled euphoria as he revels in the fond memories he cherishes such as “Like blazing in the sun yeah at the beach with your hands in my hair. Like riding on the high way, my hand on your thigh, feels so right.” 

The baseline is deep enough to drown in but the keys elevate the track and provide the perfect lightness for Nelson’s pure vocal to soar above. Released just in time for Pride month, the energy and buzz of the track is palpable and, when coupled with its theme of accepting love in all its forms, Always Got The Love is so achingly relevant for our times. This being their first new release since 2020, I’m intrigued to see what musical direction Cub Sport take in the post-pandemic landscape.  

Since 2016, Cub Sport have released four albums and amassed a dedicated following who have grown and evolved as the band and their music has. The theme of lead singer Tim Nelson and keyboardist Sam Netterfield’s blossoming relationship has been inspiration to many of the band’s tracks and their story and emphasis on love and acceptance has made them powerful voices in the LGBTQ+ community. Tim and Sam, along with Zoe Davis (keyboard/guitar) and Dan Puusaari (drums) have performed at the 2020 AFL Grand Final and received praise from The Guardian, BBC Radio 1, Gay Times and Rolling Stone amongst others. 

Always Got The Love is available to stream now. Find out more about Cub Sport here and have a listen to Always Got The Love below. 

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