Single Review: Cosmic Crooner – Tema di Filippo

Amsterdam-based singer-songwriter Cosmic Crooner has released his new single Tema di Filippo and it’s another artfully curated slice of dreamlike pop

Tema di Filippo opens with Cosmic Crooner’s silky-smooth tones, accompanied by a brooding bassline and a sultry bass guitar that oozes sophistication. There’s an unmistakable nod to 60s-era sound when the haunting keys and guitar reverb kick in.  There’s an air of melancholy that runs through the track, notable in lyrics such as “You’re my lucky charm. Reach out to me, sweet tragedy.” The instrumental outro is a gorgeous blend of strings and pared back drums that further adds fuel to the haunting and mysterious feel of the track, conjuring up images of espionage and dangerous liaisons.  You can’t help but picture the track setting the scene for a classic Bond film as it possesses all the hallmarks: understated elegance, passion and a soft exterior shot through with an air of mystery. This theme is explored further in the accompanying video which, shot in black and white, is reminiscent of the James Bond opening scene with the rows of concentric circles acting as a backdrop for Cosmic Crooner as he navigates his way towards the circular camera lens. 

When speaking of Tema di Filippo, Cosmic Crooner said “The arrangements of this song were inspired by Italian movies and their scores. We wanted to approach this video differently than my previous videos by using only one location and we wanted to create a loop with a reward at the end. One of my most transcendental videos so far. With lyrics I find it very important that everyone can interpret the song’s meaning in their own way. This was also an inspiration for the video. I like how multi-interpretable the video has become.”

Cosmic Crooner is making waves with his unique blend of “doowop space pop” that transports the listener to a bygone age. Previous singles Deep Down In Jazz and Reflexopolis in particular are where the lounge singer has really carved his niche and displays his flair for lending sounds of decades past a modern twist. 

Cosmic Crooner cites Lou Reed, Serge Gainsbourg and David Bowie as musical influences and his sophisticated pop tinged with psychedelia has been gaining a cult following across Europe since his first release, Deep Down In Jazz, in 2021.

Tema di Filippo is available to stream now. Find out more about Cosmic Crooner here and have a listen to Tema di Filippo below.

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