Review: The Walking Dead: Episode 2: A House Divided

And THAT is why The Walking Dead has won countless game of the year awards. Holy damn was that an intense episode.

So now that a lot of characters have been well established and some strange tensions set-up, the wheels are really set in motion in episode 2: A House Divided. Episode 2 picks up right where Episode 2 left off, and it starts to hit the fan not five minutes in.

Where to start? This was a long and action-packed episode. Sure the episodes aren’t that cheap but you definitely get your money’s worth. Early on in the episode, Clementine and her new friend are paid a visit by a dangerous and suspicious man and the tension slowly builds and builds up to one of the best climaxes we’ve seen in the series. The episode is perfectly paced, keeping you on the edge of your seat throughout the game and constantly driving the story forward. We see a shockingly familiar face make a return this episode, and it isn’t the only one; if you’ve played the DLC 400 days, you’ll be glad to hear there are slight tie-ins to that as well.

Telltale’s The Walking Dead is renowned for the way the choices you make affect the story and your choices have as much impact as ever when lives are at stake and you have only seconds to make a decision. But even more subtly, deciding whether or not to trust someone or who to sympathise with are sometimes equally difficult. These are really 3-dimensional people that we can hate, love, and feel sorry for all in the space of ten minutes. Rarely in video games do we get such emotional depth as in this.

Clementine really steps into her adult shoes this episode; popping bullets in zombies and even saving lives through the art of persuasion. Oh and the episode ends with a pretty hefty cliffhanger so now’s as good a time as any to grab a season pass. If the rest of this season is even half as good as these first 2 episodes have been, we are in for a treat.

Episode 2 was without a doubt worth the wait – an incredible roller coaster of an episode, with new surprises at every turn.

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