Review: Sneakbo – Zim Zimma

Canadian rapper Drake recently discovered 19-year old Brixton-born rapper Agassi Odusina, musically known as Sneakbo, and has sung praises for  the English artist after watching a documentary about London gangs, in which Sneakbo appeared.

It was the apparel of Sneakbo that captured the Canadian stars attention; admitting he admired his hoodie, his ‘crew’ and his disposition. But, with more than 20 million views on YouTube, Sneakbo’s début single ‘The Wave’ got more than 5,000 downloads a day and was on the verge of earning a top 40 place in the UK Official Singles Chart.

Redeeming himself with the follow-up single ‘Sing For Tomorrow’, Sneakbo has now released an album titled ‘Sneak to Da Bo’, which you can envisage as having an urban edge that celebrates a cheeky persona and lifestyle.

‘Zim Zimma’, the latest beat from Sneakbo’s album, is heavily filled with a dancehall surround sound and lyrics that are annoyingly contagious! You’ll feel the beat all the way through as the song explodes straight into its peak, giving you the go-ahead to dive onto the dance floor, as it certainly does have that aura about it.

The lyrics are not at all meaningful, in fact they’re pretty simplistic; however they do a sense of justice to the ‘fun’ type of song it epitomizes and attempts to fulfill, similar to how he raps over the dance-hall beat in ‘The Wave’, to create something impressive!

The tone and style of Sneakbo’s rapping is very relaxed and in conjunction with the rhythm of the song. His unique rapping style, which also impressed Drake, is one of the reasons why this track is talked about so much and being played repeatedly on radio stations and music channels in the UK.

This makes his consistency to deliver “to the flow” an important characteristic to the making of this song and its dynamics. So if you’re looking for a track to sing along to, this is the one that will make you look cool and classy together. Now that’s killing two birds with one stone!

The quotient of dancehall rhythm is very much increased in this track, as Sneakbo mixes dance and bassline with dubstep to create this house-party beat. The backing music creates a raving scene without the need to be in a club, as some may prefer lighter sounds than the blaring speakers that cause a headache!

As lively and energetic the track is, it may not appeal to the tastes of everyone but it will surely grow on you with a few listens.

Sneakbo’s ‘Zim Zimma’, which is set for release on the 4th November, will no doubt bring some commercial success and we can’t help but picture him following in the footsteps of other successful urban artists like Tinchy Stryder, Tinie Tempah, Wretch 32 and Giggs.

With his electro-styled bangers on the release in the near future, expect to see big things from the youngster, especially now that he has a big fan in Drake!

Check out his single below:


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