Review: Game of Thrones: Season 4 – Episode 5

We’re now half way through Season 4 and many of the plot lines are beginning to take shape. Read on to see what I thought of episode 5: First of his Name.

As always- Spoiler warning.

The episode opens with Tommen’s coronation. ‘Long may he reign’ everyone proclaims but er… isn’t that what they said with the last 2 kings? But he seems like a nice guy, which either means i’m terribly wrong or his days are seriously numbered, because as we all know good guys don’t last long, especially those with power. Cersei opens up to Margery and they have a strange sisterly interaction, which seems as false as the rest of the games they play and is subtly undermined with conflict.

Daenerys gets her hands on a load of ships and says the words we’ve all been dying to here for years: ‘Would that be enough to take King’s Landing?’ But it appears for every step she takes towards the iron throne, she takes two back; the first two cities she conquered and set free have been retaken. Great. Just take King’s Landing already! You’ve been talking about it since season 1.

Sansa and Littlefinger arrive at the Eyrie, which looks considerably different to that of season 1, but way more beautiful and badass so we’ll let them off. We discover a lot at the Eyrie, things that change everything that has happened in the show. So yeah, remember Jon Aryn from the very first episode, the old deceased hand of the king? Lysa’s husband, well she killed him, it wasn’t the Lannisters after all, and all under Littlefinger’s instruction. ‘Think where you’d be without him,’ Lysa tells Sansa, unwillingly giving off a spooky double meaning. On the topic of spooky, Lysa quickly turns dark, especially on the subject of Littlefinger, asking her repeatedly if he has raped her. Some pretty dark stuff there. In an attempt to comfort Sansa, Lysa tells her she’ll soon be widowed and free to marry Robyn. Yeah, the boy that still breastfed at twelve or whatever age he was. Fantastic.

Tywin and Cersei talk economics and politics yadda yadda yadda but in a word: the throne is in huge debt as well already knew but they’re in debt to Bravos. They discuss Tyrion’s future briefly and it doesn’t look good.

Everyone’s favourite duo have a significant amount of screen time, (hell yeah) offering wit, laugh out loud-worthy comments from the hound, and one of the most interesting relationships in the show. I absolutely love the hound’s raw sense of humour. The hound didn’t seem too happy when Arya listed off his name in her kill list. And yeah Arya actually tries to stab him, if it weren’t for his armour she would have succeeded. I’d be lying if i said I didn’t wince a little when I thought she had. The hound has a serious amount of patience with this girl that obviously wants him dead, yet they have an amazing little double act. Almost a… dare I say father, daughter kind of relationship.

The episode ends with a 15 minute sequence at Craster’s Keep and it was as satisfying as it was anticipated. It got pretty damn tense when the show threatened us with sexual violence, and we all know they don’t hold back on the likes. I winced for the second time when Lock cuts into Bran’s leg, help only a little by the fact that he can’t feel his legs. Bran travels into Hodor and uses his insane strength to defile Lock. The battle in general is awesome, and ends with a sick showdown between Jon Snow and Karl Tanner, someone who we’ve all wanted to see killed for a while. And oh does he die a gory, beautifully brutal death. And we see Jon reunite with Ghost! Woo. I love that Jon and the others left Craster’s remaining wives/daughters to do as they pleased but the only annoying part of this episode was the narrow miss of Bran and Jon meeting. Aw, come on, again!

Overall, an incredible episode. Hey, it’s Game of Thrones, they never fail to deliver.

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