Review: Game of Thrones: Season 4 – Episode 4

Things are getting tense again in Game of Thrones. Read on for my review of episode 4: Oathkeeper.

Spoilers within

The episode opens with an awesome scene in which Daenerys vanquishing Meereen from the inside, in a fashion that reminded me of the last Harry Potter film (in a good way.) Sir Barristan Selmy urged the young but strong-headed Targaryen to answer injustice with mercy, to which she epicly replied ‘I will answer injustice with justice,’ and nailed the masters to crosses in the same way they did to innocent babies during their rule.

After Jamie’s rather controversial rape scene last week, he redeems himself, if you can redeem raping your sister, by being a good guy. Yay, good guy Jamie! He goes to visit Tyrion for the first time and they have a brotherly moment as the only Lannisters that actually get along. He also plays out a scheme that probably saves the lives of Brienne and Podrick, sending them to find Sansa Stark and protect her. Although her being in Littlefinger’s clutches, I don’t fancy their chances, although Brienne is a better swords(wo)man than arguably any on the show.

Speaking of Littlefinger, he reveals his plans to marry Sansa’s aunt Lysa at the Eyrie, which conveniently is where the hound is taking Arya. Come on sisterly reunion! He also reveals his hand in Joffrey’s death, which was only suggested until now. And he wasn’t the only one involved in the poisoning because we also find out that (drum roll) Olenna Tyrell, that’s Margery’s grandmother if you struggle with the thousand different names like most, also had a design in Joffrey’s death to protect Margery. Woo, go sarcastic Grandmother! Contrary to her Grandmother’s belief, Margery seems to be able to handle herself just fine, sneaking past potentially 4 guards in order to visit her suitor, Tommen in the night. Still convinced she’s up to something, although who the hell isn’t in this show?

The night’s watch, now under the rule of Alliser Thorne, who conspires with Janos Slynt to murder Jon Snow, when he goes to Craster’s keep to fight Tanner and his men. Also, when Snow is recruiting members for his little trip, there is a significantly eerie drone when Lock stands up. This does not mean good news, as his sole purpose for being at the wall is to track down the stark boys, one of which, Bran, has just been captured by Tanner’s men (I know, oh crap.) It was pretty heartbreaking seeing the almighty Hodor being beaten up. No, not Hodor!

To top the episode off, we see a pretty major digression from the books in the form of a journey into Whitewalker territory, where we see the night king (really, another freaking king?) of the whitewalkers turn Craster’s last baby into one of them. Creepy, right?

Overall, I’d say ‘Oathkeeper’ was an amazing episode, with a great amount of action and story, whilst setting up even more into play.

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