Red Anchor Supply Company – your face’s new best mate

Red Anchor Supply Company

It’s tough being a beardless bloke in 2015. The daily judgement of your hairless face by complete strangers, the complete nudity of your weak chin, never quite knowing if that £8 pint of craft ale would suit you better if you had glorious bush of hair hanging from your chin. But worst of all. Shaving. Shaving sucks for everyone. It’s time consuming, it’s expensive and it often bloody well hurts.

Red Anchor Supply CompanySo it was a joy to try out a bit of stock from Red Anchor Supply Company. A British start up specialising in premium quality male grooming products that genuinely made the entire experience as pleasant as running a shape blade across your throat can be.

I used the Red Anchor Shaving Oil a few minutes before lathering on my usual shaving gel, this prepared my skin and softened my facial hair ready for a trim. After shaving the Red Anchor Post Shave Balm is a brilliantly cool liquid to rub into your skin. These two products combined resulted in not only a brilliant shave, but also a skin free of shave burn.

There are no secrets and no bullshit behind Red Anchor’s products, in their own words:

 “All our products use natural ingredients, which produce the most effective and desired results. The majority of the natural oils in all of the Red Anchor products are cold pressed on site at our farm, straight from the seed. This gentle process means the oils stay rich in natural antioxidants that could get lost along the way in other processes.”

Red Anchor Supply Company

Isn’t that refreshing? No “six blade design” designed to give you the closest shave ever, no patronising testosterone fuelled name like “Shave-a-tron Turbo 5000”. Just genuinely good product.

Even better, if you’re of the bearded breed, Red Anchor have you covered too, with their range of face and beard cleaners, moustache wax and beard oils, not to mention their line of shower gels.

So if you’re shaving every day, paying too much for mediocre products to end up with a rash under your chin, I genuinely recommend trying out Red Anchor.

Excellent products ordered online or purchased at a range of stockist and I’m going to say it, I bet they pay their taxes (yeah, I’m looking at you Boots) – needless to say they’ve made a loyal customer out of me. Check them out online at or on the Twitter.

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