Texas Police Chase Ends With 2 Dead And 23 Injured At SXSW Festival.

We are saddened this morning to hear news reported from SXSW Festival.

A man and woman were killed early Thursday after a suspected drunken driver escaping arrest ploughed through barricades set up for the SXSW festival and struck the pair and others on a crowded street, police stated. The incident occurred around 12:30am (UTC).

Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo said 23 others were injured, five critically, in the crash as the driver tried to evade a pursuing police officer. The two people who died were on a moped that the motorist hit. The chief said the man also hit pedestrians in front of a club that was emptying.

“All of a sudden this car just like came driving through like hit 10 people. It was going through 70 miles per hour. It just took off and it hit all these people right here,” said an eyewitness. “I think all these people are dead honestly and a cop chased it and now all the cops are here.”

“I just saw all these people like just flying. It was terrifying,” said another eyewitness. He hit some of the victims in front of The Mohawk, a local club hosting Spin events during the five-day music conference. He continued down the street where he struck and killed the two victims on the moped and then hit the cab before finally crashing.

Laura Jane Grace the lead singer of rock band Against Me! led the tributes;

South By Southwest Festival (SXSW) runs from 11th – 16th March. It is known for hosting the world’s biggest acts like Arcade Fire, Kanye West and Lady Gaga, but is most well known for being a platform for prestigious, upcoming talent.

Our thoughts go out to all those affected at SXSW Festival.

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