Poker Winning Hands at Casinos

We need not tell a seasoned betting professional, such as yourself, the best hands in the poker – because we can tell from your bank account that you have certainly received some of those poker winning hands before!

It can become overwhelmingly intimidating when there are seven cards available to you and you have to assess whether you have got anything good, whilst simultaneously working out what the other players have, all the while having to control your chips – play online casino.

For the small fry, beginners, and those out there who might be getting a little muddled in the hierarchy of the potential hands in poker and confused about what is good and what is not, we are here to save you from the jargon and guide you into position. Soon you will be scoring those high value cards in poker.

Poker Winning Hands: Worst to Best

1. Highest Card – It may not seem like a lot, but the rarity of matching pairs and flushes can more often than not be so obscure that simply the highest card takes the loot!

2. One Pair – Better than nothing, right? One pair is fairly frequent, especially playing on a table with more than five poker players.

3. Two Pair – As you can only play with five cards in total, two pair is where the pairing cards stop. If you have two pairs of matching cards then you have one up on those single pair players.

4. Three of a Kind – Though seemingly humble, the three of a kind match is where poker begins to get a little more interesting; now you are starting to get into the highest poker winning hands

5. Straight – This is where the rare hands start coming into play. A straight include five cards all in numerical order, and it beats any pair any day!

6. Flush – Coming in, just above the straight, is a flush of five cards that all match suit. There is no priority over the flush in terms of suit, however, the higher the flush the better.

7. Full House – One of the most satisfying to look at hands in poker has to be the full house. Score a pair and a three of a kind to fill up the house and run home with the bacon.

8. Four of a Kind – If three was not good enough then try four! Four cards all of the same number will give you a fairly good indication that you are in the running to become the winner.

9. Straight Flush – It is not much of a stretch of the imagination to picture what this is: five cards that are in numerical order and pertain to the same suit. This is most definitely one of poker’s highest winning hands.

10. Royal Flush – Our hero, the royal flush, is the highest winning hand that you could possibly score in a game of poker. This hand ascends from nine through to the ace in cards that all bear resemblance in the suit that they belong to.

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