Pitch Perfect: How To Style A Football Shirt 3 Ways

Including sportswear items in our day-to-day wardrobe has become increasingly popular in our modern era. Even gym-specific sportswear is sported in public nowadays when previously we’d only dare wear it during our workout sessions or while travelling to and from the gym.

Another item of sportswear that has always been a common sighting in the fashion world is football shirts or jerseys. Typically worn to support favourite teams, football shirts are seen just about everywhere these days and are a reached-for favourite for when it comes to going out and holidaying alike. Finding style inspiration can be challenging, so we’ve produced this article explaining a few ways that will help you style a football shirt.

Experiment With Colours

Generally known for boasting lots of colour, wearing a football shirt is one of the easiest ways to incorporate colour (and patriotism!) into your wardrobe. We suggest using a football shirt as the statement piece of your outfit; make sure to choose an interesting one like a retro Ireland jersey and then layering neutral coloured fragments around it. So as not to deter focus away from the retro Ireland shirt, the outfit doesn’t become too busy but remains wearable. If you’re a fan of Irish football, you can find an array of Republic of Ireland football shirts over on Classic Football Kit’s website, plus a range of other football wear for loads of different football clubs. Browse their product offerings; we’re confident that you’ll find something suitable for your style needs.

Incorporate Non-Sporty Elements Into Your Outfit 

Experimenting with a mixture of sportswear and non-sportswear-themed elements is another of our styling recommendations for a football shirt. Balancing your outfit with a mix of sporty and non-sporty elements prevents your day-to-day outfit from looking as though you’ve just got back from the gym and lets members of the public know that you’re not going to drop to the street and start doing push-ups randomly. Dress down a colourful football shirt or jersey by pairing it with a pair of light blue or black jeans; you could even consider wearing ones with lots of rips or distressed elements to make your outfit look more casual. Finish the look with a pair of your freshest trainers for the perfect day-to-day look.

Try Out Different Layering Techniques 

When trying to style a football shirt, it can be challenging to create an attractive, different outfit each time, so it is worthwhile to experiment with other layering techniques. Layering is an effective way to make an outfit look completely brand new without having an expensive shopping trip. For instance, you could try layering a long-sleeved shirt underneath a football as seen on the pitch, or you could experiment with tying the front of the shirt into a chic knot to create a ‘cropped’ illusion. Alternatively, if you have any old Republic of Ireland football shirts that you wouldn’t mind getting creative with, you could alter the shirt’s length using a pair of scissors which would be a great summer look with jeans. Follow this step-by-step internet guide, which will show you how to transform your old football shirts from tired to terrific. It all comes down with preference, so experiment with your fashion.

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