Marmozets – A Band Spearheading A Revolution

With rousing rock songs matched together with courageousness and a free flowing, hardworking attitude, West Yorkshire outfit Marmozets truly are a monumental act spearheading a revolution in a scene predominately cut-throat.

The band is also fronted by one of the most fearless singers there is, Rebecca Macintyre. She’s a firecracker, an instrumental pioneer who inspires and sings for peace.And it’s clear the music industry is brimming with bands occupied by men. But, woman can kick ass as much as their male counterparts. There’s many bands nowadays fronted by woman, acts who create sounds as loud as bombs, as sharp as nails. These acts materialise rich music, formulated to spark revelations.

Also, in the news lately, there has been an outcry due to the lack of woman fronted bands on the bill at festivals. This outcry is mandatory and bathed in truth. There should be more female acts at the Countries biggest festivals. It is unfair and brings forth a sense of prejudice.The festival circuit to a 50/50 experience. Men and woman should have equal rights. And there should be a mixture of bands, even if their music is not entirely suited to the occasion. Many hard-core bands are left in the lurch, frozen out, and that’s truly heart-breaking. All genres should be counted.

Bands like Marmozets and Wolf Alice are totally unique. Their groove and sound is abrasive but that’s what we need in a music industry full of carbon copies. By breaking it down, how many pop punks are there? Well there are a huge amount battling for a crown, a gold plated prize. The music scene does need an infusion of freshness. But thank god for the bands which do exist, the ones blazing trails of glory. Marmozets are one of those heroic units, mastering the sounds of punk crossed with rock, tied with hard-core.

Marmozets released their second album in the form of Knowing What You Know Now this year and it is a masterstroke. It truly dazzles with dirty guitar lines and snarling vocals from Macintyre. And the band burst onto the scene in 2014 as a young, fiery behemoth. Their debut record The Weird And Wonderful Marmozets shook ground and made people take notice. From then on, the band have garnered a fanatical fan base, and they’ve also toured relentlessly.

Marmozets are opening up many opportunities for young upstarts. Their influence is rooted, their mastery is highly sought after. And it’s great to see them rising meteorically, and making music for the here and now.

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