Lena Hessels releases vibrant new single ‘pop!!’

Combining woozy electronics and uplifting hooks with Lena Hessels‘ warm, sensual vocals, ‘pop!!’ is an instantly addictive slice of celestial electro-pop.

Talking about the single, Lena explains, “it’s a love song about the safety and simplicity of having a relationship with someone. I think falling in love makes the rest of the world feel more distant but it doesn’t matter because you’re just focussed on this person. It’s a simple moment in time, easy, logical. I wanted this song to feel safe, warm, happy and fuzzy – like that moment in time”.

‘pop!!’ coincides with Lena’s compilation LP release of her three EPs ‘if not now, then when will it and be all I ever wanted‘, also out now.

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