Launchbox: Jasper Wilde – “Don’t Think, Just Feel”

Jasper Wilde is a promising up and coming artist, executing an energetic sound radiating an irresistable spark.


The 22 year old French native recently released his debut number ‘Miss Stone’, which premiered on Clash Magazine.


A multi-instrumentalist as well, Jasper can put his hand to guitar, bass and keyboard, and seems to naturally sport flawless vocals.


His forthcoming EP ‘One’ is set for release this month and features ‘Little Miss Stone’, ‘What Happens On The Dancefloor’, ‘I Know U Know’, and the brand new ‘Talkin’ Bout Me’.


Jasper Wilde is an artist we’re very excited about. As today’s Launchbox artist, we’re delighted to share the brand new track ‘Talking ‘Bout Me’ with you. In the regularly spoken words of Jasper himself, “don’t think, just feel”…

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