LaunchBox: Brawlers – Instagram Famous

As Facebook turned 10, it released the highly irritating My Facebook Movie, another inane piece of garbage lapped up by social networking bimbos. Brawlers new track ‘Instagram Famous’ is the perfect remedy to this.

As selfies, photos of food and bigots slowly take over social networking I keep asking myself; am I the only one that finds kind of stuff irritating? To my relief Brawlers feel the same, writing tracks that sound “fresh”, about “stupid/rad stuff on the internet” that is ‘Instagram Famous’. Brawlers will fill you full of joy. “It’s punk, it’s pop and it’s fucking fun” says the press release for their debut EP.

The whole band are super tight and are tipped as one of the best new band in the UK right now. Their frontman is the energetic Harry George Johns, formerly of Dinosaur Pile-up another original from Leeds and a few guys from Castrovalva. Their fresh and energetic sound has already been pushed by various radio stations including Radio 1’s very own Huw Stephens and is sure to jump into the limelight soon.

The track ‘Instagram Famous’ is available as a free download and their much awaited ‘I Am A Worthless Piece Of Shit’ EP is also out now.

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Jamie @JamtkK

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