Launchbox: Crow’s Feet

The opening of Crow’s Feet’s debut single Alarm Clock Bones is electric. Calum Stewart’s vocals are spine tingling, full of raw emotion but also have a haunting emptiness to them. Underneath this a solemn sounding harmonium plods through the chord progression, with a sound that takes me straight back to Radiohead’s classic Motion Picture Soundtrack. As more and more textures are layered on you can’t help but feel you’ve stumbled across something exciting.

As soon as it’s over I go back for another listen.

The mysterious project is that of ex-WOMPS drummer Lewis Tollan – If you have ever heard his previous band you will be shocked to hear this new material, it couldn’t be further apart if it tried, though I suspect this may be by design. A changing cast of friends and collaborators revolve around Tollan each adding a different character to their parts, as a result we are apparently to expect a different sound on each track while the continuing themes of project (presumably provided by Tollan’s ever-presence) will tie the forthcoming album together.

Keep an eye out for new tracks and news of the forthcoming album via the Crow’s Feet Twitter and Facebook!

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