Interview: Le Blorr!

Floridian psychedelic rockers, Le Blorr consists of Chris Hess and Adam Winn. They play a hybrid of indie rock n’ roll and psychedelic dance music with strong pop elements. The Florida based duo is moving towards an expansive sound, more experimental scenarios for live experiences and receiving phenomenal acclaim in doing so.

Fortitude Magazine caught up with Le Blorr, who are out on tour with Angels & Airwaves at the moment, to discuss a little more about the band and what they have in store for the UK audiences. This is what they had to say:

Would you mind explaining who Le Blorr consists of?

Le Blorr consist of Chris Hess (aka Cookie), Adam Winn (aka Hot Damm) and we tour with a bassist named Zac Sullivan (aka Sugabutta).

How did your stage-names/nicknames come about?

They came about from a dream… We both dream travel and one night I was hanging out with Marc Bolan in my dreams and I know how much Chris loves him, so I travelled over to his dreams to get him. While we were hanging out Marc told us we need to start a band together, and we need to name it B*****d Lovechild of Rock n Roll … We thought that was a bit long so he said to go by the acronym Le Blorr. A few minutes later, Freddie Mercury showed up and deemed us with the names Hot Damm and Cookie…. Some might say they are silly names, but would you argue with Freddie Mercury?!!

Could you explain to our readers, the history of Le Blorr and how you came to form?

It all started around 4 years ago with Chris recording songs in his room and emailing them to me as we lived a couple hours away at the time. Eventually we started jamming together and playing house parties and the fun began…..

Who would you say are your musical influences?

We have a pretty broad variety of influences… They vary from classic rock like Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Pink Floyd, T-Rex, to Flaming Lips, Prince, Black Angels, Astrud Gilberto…..ect.

You have been described as playing indie rock n’ roll and psychedelic dance music with strong pop elements. Is that a perfect description or would you have named it something else?

That works pretty darn good… Or to sum it up last night we actually thought of a new genre called “Psexedelic”.

You released your EP, ‘Bim Bom’, what was it like achieving so many positive critical responses?

It was really cool. We spent hours and hours every day for months sending it to music blogs, so every time someone would respond and write about us it felt great.

You’re now out on tour with Angels and Airwaves, how did the tour come about? Did you know any of the band members prior?

We briefly met Matt at a house party we played in California, then later met Tom at the Macbeth offices. About a year later we were asked if we wanted to play a few shows with them in California and on that tour they asked if we want to support them in Europe. They are such rad dudes!!

How do the UK crowds compare to the American crowds?

The crowds have been amazing! Its always a bit nerve wrecking playing in a new place in front of a crowd that hasn’t heard you and came to the show for one reason, which is AVA. But so far the shows have been great and we have been meeting lots of new people every night.

What is next for Le Blorr?

We would love to come right back to Europe.. Hopefully for some festivals this summer, so we will see. As of now we head back to Florida on the 16th and have a couple weeks to finish writing our new album before hitting the road for an east coast tour. The last date of the tour is in Canada then we head to New York to record for 2 weeks late May.

After listening to ‘Bim Bom EP’, we look forward to seeing what these “psexedelic” rockers have next in store!

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