A Guide to Returning to the Office: Tips For Anxious Workers

Many people are now having to adapt to going back to the office after having spent months and months working from home since social distancing measures were introduced. 

It may feel great to be able to speak in-person with colleagues that you haven’t seen for ages and get yourself fully back into the swing of office life. 

We have come up with a brief guide on returning to the office in the latter half of 2021 and beyond.

Make Sure You Meet the Standards Your Employer Expects You to Uphold

Perhaps working from home for ages, and not having to leave the house to arrive at work on time and looking presentable has led to your standards slipping a bit. Maybe you sometimes actually ended up doing your work from your laptop whilst you lay back and chill out in bed. 

However, now you’re back in the office workplace environment, it’s time to up your level and make sure you meet the workplace standards and requirements your employer expects of you. For example, some companies have strict rules regarding what they will allow you to wear in the workplace, and some employers enforce strict penalties and discipline staff members who are even just the tiniest bit late to nip it in the bud and keep their staff punctual.

Find Time Relax to Help You Deal with the Stress of Returning to the Office

You may find adapting to going back to the office working environment a stressful experience. Perhaps you have gotten far too used to the more laid-back relaxed nature of working from home and will find going back challenging at first. One way you can make sure you deal with the stress of returning to the office adequately is by making sure you get enough downtime to relax. 

You may even want to try some CBD vaping products to try and reduce your stress levels when taking some time to relax and wind down during the evening after returning home from the office. If you’re interested in trying out CBD vaping, you may want to take a look at HighKind and their range.

Take Advantage of the Opportunity to Reconnect with Your Office Colleagues

You may have sorely missed those casual office chats, you can now enjoy catching up with your colleagues in the office that you haven’t seen in quite a while. Let’s be honest, communicating with your colleagues over video calls etc on software such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meets etc is definitely not the same as being able to talk with your colleagues face to face and in the flesh.

So, take full advantage of finally being able to return to the office by reconnecting with your colleagues.

Returning to the office may at first seem a little bit daunting and like a major lifestyle change but embrace it and it will quickly feel as if you were never away from the office at all. A return to the office is a return to normality and to how life used to function prior to the pandemic.  However, don’t let it slip your mind that you will still most likely need a face mask to wear when travelling to and from work on public transport, and for when you are walking around the office building.

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