[FGP #2] We Talk Game Movies!

Don’t worry, we are here! Sorry we are late, terrible traffic on the way, got caught behind another podcast who just wouldn’t let us past! But never mind that here is the second episode of Fortitude Gaming Podcast. Unfortunately Antonio couldn’t make it this week, but thankfully our Pirate (or Scottish) ratio is fixed by the arrival of Daniel (LOUD NOISES).

So sit back, snuggle up with your slanket, close Pornhub, put the tissues away and enjoy!  … Actually you might need the tissues, Daniel can get pretty perverted.

Here is you link dump!



Grand Theft Auto V Trailer 2

Skyrim: Dragonborn Trailer

Spyro Flying Levels

Spyro Skylanders Giants

Splinter Cell Movie gets Tom Hardy

Assassin’s Creed gets Michael Fassbender

Prince of Persia

Deus Ex Movie

 Xbox Live 10

Mambo No. 5

Candle in the Wind

Reach for the Stars

SClub 3

MySpace reboot

Time Splitters HD Petition

Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Impressions

Master Chief’s Balance

Master Chief’s Face


Pokemon The First Movie

Films Based on Video Games Wiki

FF7 Advent Children

Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn

Uwe Boll

D0uble Dragon




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