Fallout 4 Announcement

Have you ever been so excited for something, you try to express how you feel to everyone, but every word you come up with doesn’t seem to do the amount of happiness you feel any justice? Well, I happen find myself in this situation talking about the new trailer for the next instalment of the Fallout video game franchise.

On the second of June, something strange appeared on my Facebook dashboard. Posted by the official Fallout page, it was a link that led to a page that said “Please Stand By” with a 24 hour countdown. This took everyone by surprise; Nobody had any solid idea of what it could’ve been, though many had some idea as to what it could be. Any hint towards a sequel to the fallout games turned out to be a disappointing hoax in the past, so it was exciting to see something finally official. However, what followed at the end of the countdown – even though many had some idea as to what it was going to be – was something that’ll have much of the gaming community roaring with excitement.

Even though it was supposed to be officially announced on the 14th of June at E3, Bethesda released the trailer to Fallout 4. Though no date for release was shown on the trailer, a lot of the game looks already well done, even just for the sake of preview. In addition to the trailer, the official website for the game has also been created, where the public can pre-order the game and sign up for updates on the development of the game.


As far as the trailer itself goes, it follows a state of flashbacks between the fallout universe before and after the war, eventually showing the likely protagonist of the game towards the end of the trailer with his companion. Looks like having a dog companion all Mad Max style in Fallout 4 will be a big thing. The soundtrack in the background is reminiscent of the theme of the older games, and matches the epicness of the trailer. Though we can only speculate for now where this game is going to be set and wait for further announcements from Bethesda, I am excited for the game to eventually be released.

Fallout 4 will be available for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. To follow updates on the game, go to fallout4.com. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to play Fallout 3 and New Vegas to get hyped. So grab yourself a Nuka Cola and charge your Pip-Boy – things just got very interesting.

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