EP REVIEW: lotusbliss ‘An Aching Sea’

Canterbury based brothers Josh, Seth and Adam – collectively known as lotusbliss – recently dropped their ethereal new EP ‘An Aching Sea’ and its pretty darn good.

Opening with their latest single ‘Unwired’, it’s the perfect intro to the band’s euphoric sound, with the brother’s celestial harmonies showing that vocal talent clearly really does run in the family. ‘Nightshade’ has an equally ambient sound to it, reminding us of early Foals at times.

‘Dust’ moves a little slower than the former two singles and has more of an electronic feel to it. The woozy synths create a rather haunting sound that is complimented wonderfully will the trio’s once again very impressive falsetto.

The final tracks ‘A Million (With Regret)’ and ‘Until Now’ follow in a similar vein to the previous single, which perhaps could be seen as a shame as it would be nice to see a bit of a change up musically. That being said, ending with the movingly emotive ballad ‘Until Now’ feels like a fitting end to this mesmerising EP.

Talking about the EP, the band elaborate, “the overarching theme of the EP is becoming aware of your mind’s warring thoughts and exploring how these can be calmed in the everyday – how to fall into the aching sea. The artwork reflects this – with a suited character stood in a calm pond offering up a briefcase full of liquid gold. It’s unclear whether this is the serenity sought or the fools gold referenced in ‘Unwired’ being offered”.

‘An Aching Sea’ is out now.

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