EP review: Jo Marches ‘Day In Day Out’

Utrecht outfit Jo Marches have certainly pulled out all the stops for their latest release and we can’t get enough. Their latest EP ‘Day In Day Out’ is out now and quite possibly their most impressive piece of work to date.

Kicking off with the glitchy, synth-infused sounds of ‘You’ll Be Mine’, we are immediately introduced to the EP’s wonky sound and it does not disappoint. Combining flecks of woozy electronica with fuzzy guitar licks and front woman Johanneke Kranendonk’s smooth, soft vocal, this is a formula that just keeps giving. Next up is the previously released single ‘Monsters’, which feels instantly reminiscent of the likes of Bat For Lashes or New Young Pony Club. Perhaps slightly lighter sounding than ‘You’ll be Mine’ but no more addictive, its no wonder this single was such a smash. Moving on (excuse the pun) to Jo Marches’ ‘Move’, this track is of a slower pace but still fitting in perfectly with the overall psychedelic sound of the EP. We’re hearing a bit of Tame Impala in this one for sure and that certainly isn’t a bad thing. Our personal favourite from the EP is the undeniably atmospheric ‘Clearing’. Johanneke’s vocals feel somehow even more urgent in this track, talking about “the secrets you’ve bene hiding” and “telling the truth”, you can’t help put feel her political themes coming through underneath this wonderfully enveloping sound.

As we just touched upon, this EP isn’t just a wonderful slice of psychedelic-pop goodness, oh no. Its also a political statement. Themes on the album range from the political climate, to feminism, to loss and depression, proving Jo Marches aren’t afraid to delve deep and the results are fierce, emotive and atmospheric.

‘Day In Day Out’ is out now.

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