EP Review: Highlives- Cold Feet

Bristol pop-punk outfit Highlives have released their new EP, ‘Cold Feet’.

The EP starts with a 30 second intro track which leads straight into title track ‘Cold Feet‘, a song about leaving behind old friends and a town that you are a little bit sick of. The song is full of energy, hard hitting drums and some very nice “Woahs” towards the end.

‘Cold Feet‘ leads nicely into the next track ‘Honestly Spoken‘, containing the same bouncy ingredients as the last track. The final track of the EP ‘Over Being Under‘ is without a doubt in my top 5 tracks of this year. It is one of those that just struck a chord in me on first listen and from then on in I have fallen more and more in love with it.

With echoes of slower Real Friends in it ‘Over Being Under‘ really pushes the bar up for Highlives, if they can make more songs like this they can really launch themselves to the front of the UK pop punk scene. The closing chants of “I’m not okay with just being okay” before launching into one final massive chorus rounds off this EP in a delightfully beautiful way.


‘Cold Feet’ can be downloaded from Highlives bandcamp for free (Or you could give them money)  here



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