EP Review: GARGALO – King of Dark Waters

GARGALO is the brainchild of singer songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Bruno G. Roth. Having performed in bands in Spain, the Spanish-Canadian used the lockdown as a catalyst to create his own project, writing, playing and recording his debut EP, King of Dark Waters.

GARGALO will be no stranger to our readers, with Fortitude Magazine premiering slick, indie-pop single Out Of Sync earlier this year. The track was a nod to the mature style of indie music GARGALO produces; brooding, dream-like segments, amplified by unique ethereal vocals.

It’s a sound that has already made an impact in a short space of time, with GARGALO picking up support from the likes of Apple Music, Spotify, Fame Magazine, For The Rabbits, Contact Music and many more.

King of Dark Waters plays out with a similarly atmospheric elegance as Out Of Sync. Follow up single Monroes, illustrates GARGALO’s ability to tread the line blazed by lofty indie bands such as Grizzly Bear. Stand out track ‘A Piece of You’ has the yearning, mysterious breathiness created by the likes of Beach House. While ‘My Life Without Me’, a synth-laden and broody style of modern new wave, and the delicate ‘Tyburn Tree’, don’t quite hit the same mark as the preceding three tracks, the overall experience is one of intrigue and curiosity.

GARAGLO ambitiously reaches for the stars on King of Dark Waters. He leaves no stone unturned in the pursuit of producing a collection of intellectual, contemplative songs. The lyrics are a personal ode to a profoundly difficult time both individually and throughout the world. King of Dark Waters won’t necessarily strike a chord with everyone, but the record is a welcome addition to a quality year of music in 2021, and worthy of your attention.

King of Dark Waters is out now via Frances House Records.

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