Enjoyable Listens release ‘A Laugh And A Half’

Warm yourselves up just in time for Christmas with Enjoyable Listens and their charming new single ‘A Laugh And A Half’.

With a voice Tony Hadley would be proud of, Enjoyable Listens create hypnotic eighties-inspired baroque pop with a country-infused tinge. Talking about the single, Luke Duffett explains, “‘A Laugh And A Half’ is the most candid effort from Enjoyable Listens to date. A hypnotic baroque pop motif that dangles the keys to a 1967 Mercury Cougar in your face with one hand and shackles your leg to a lifetime supply of bitter pills to swallow with the other, this song was written as an advertisement for wearing your idiosyncrasies on your sleeve like a dirty badge of honour. It champions the mystic imagery of dream land and grounds you with the humility of family life in a sweet three minute inimitable package that will leave you hungry for answers you don’t want”.

‘A Laugh And A Half’ is also taken from Enjoyable Listens debut album which is being polished off even as we type and will be released in the spring of next year – the duo have just been confirmed for SXSW 2022 after playing SXSW 2021 (online) and being invited by SXSW live in the chatbox. Before then, Enjoyable Listens are bringing the live joys here, here and there:

16th Dec – The Feathers, Worcester
13th Jan – The Loft, Portsmouth
20th Jan – Old George, Bethnal Green
28th Jan – The Kenton, Henley On Thames

‘A Laugh And A Half’ is out now via Fierce Panda Records.

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