Why Does Your Choice Of Vape Kit Matter?

Vaping is a vast, ever-expanding world. Understanding it all as a newcomer can be a daunting prospect.

Still, with the proper guidance, you’ll be equipped to make sense of things rather quickly. Generally, vaping kits are the industries effort to streamline the experience somewhat. While their offerings vary from supplier to supplier, they typically feature everything you need to start vaping and enjoying yourself. There are pen kits, pod kids, and a smattering of others to please all. 

So, with a range of options to choose from, how do you know what you need? Well, you may be able to gauge the right path to go down by determining the following points below.  

How Much You Used to Smoke

Many people are introduced to vaping through their desire to quit smoking. In this context, a starter kit will suffice at first, but a vaping kit that is for advanced users will likely be required later down the line.

The NHS’s official guidance on stopping smoking mentions vaping as a viable option, so it’s worth considering all of this further in greater detail. They also note that ex-smokers will likely be served best by mods, a type of vape equipped with refillable tanks. Additional features include longer-lasting rechargeable batteries and variable power. 

Obviously, a disposable vape lends itself to interruptions as you try to beat your smoking addictions. If you’re scurrying around trying to amend things here, the chances of slipping back into your old smoking ways may become higher. Due to the impressive array of features that mods have, they can more reliably deliver a steady flow of nicotine into your system. If you’re in this boat, consider a starter kit first to see how you go, then set your sights on upgrading to advanced kits after that.

How Proficient You Are As A Vaper

As you become more familiar with vaping, you may find yourself yearning to explore every facet of the experience. Striking an appropriate balance here can be critical.  

After all, experienced vapours using a starter kit may find the experience underwhelming. Perhaps the amount of vapour doesn’t suffice? Moreover, it could be that the flavours aren’t quite strong enough or that the power levels are too low. Therefore, experienced vapours may understandably decry some of the limitations that a starter kit would impose. 

Still, starter kits have their uses for introducing newcomers to the world of vaping also. That’s why it’s so important to have a range of options available for customers of all kinds. Beginners should likely gravitate toward vape kits  that have vape pens, pod mods, or single-battery box mods. These are both more portable and minimalist in usage and have fewer overwhelming settings also. 

Advanced kits, however, may give users a more hands-on approach. They enable people to build their own coils or enjoy rebuildable tanks, too, thereby making vaping a far more dynamic endeavour moving forward. Keep these factors in mind, and the vape kits that appeal to you may evolve over time. 

How Much You’re Willing To Spend

The purposes of your vaping may influence how much you spend. 

The stakes are rather high if you’re vaping to beat a hazardous smoking addiction, so you may be willing to spend more on these products in that instance. If you’re simply curious, you may want to approach things more frugally in the beginning. Both options are entirely valid, and where you fall here depends almost entirely on personal preference alone. 

At the very least, vapers can typically save more money than smokers on a weekly basis, so this incentive alone could spur on your decision also. Why not spend a little extra if, altogether, it’s still less than what you paid for cigarettes? 

You may also become more confident with your expenditure as your passion for vaping grows, and you investigate all ways you can customise your experience with various components. Ultimately, vaping kits aren’t all priced the same, so you should expect some discrepancies depending on your needs. 

How You Prefer to Inhale 

Some vaping kits lend themselves a bit better to different inhalation techniques. 

For instance, some people like to inhale more vapour into their lungs immediately. This is called direct-to-lung inhaling and enables users to enjoy these sensations more intensely, without needing to pause so that the vapour can linger in their mouth for a time. 

The alternative is mouth-to-lung vaping. Former smokers typically align with this approach, as it’s not dissimilar to the methods they’re accustomed to with a cigarette. It can also help newcomers ease themselves into vaping without having such a shock to the system. 

Tricksters may lean toward mouth-to-lung vaping also. They can use their timed exhale to get their mouths and breaths ready in creating interesting shapes and patterns. 

Once again, this isn’t about which vaping kit is better or worse than the next, but rather what you’re hoping to achieve with your own vaping. You could even alternate between them all as you go also.

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