Best Guitars For New Bands

Do you have the dream of starting your own band? There are various components to consider before you can start rocking out at shows to a frenetic audience. You first need your core band members. You need to settle on a music genre. Plus, unless you’re going the a cappella route, you also require the right instruments to produce your music.

When it comes to instruments, the top of the list is undoubtedly a guitar. The standard band will have two guitar players – one on lead, the other on base – and ensuring they have the right tools can make a significant difference.

So, which guitars are the most used and loved by bands starting out on their musical journey? Whether you seek acoustic or electric, this guide will explore for answers.

Squier Classic Vibe ‘50s Stratocaster

Music Radar lists this as the best electric guitar for beginners – and for good reason. With superior build quality and sophisticated style, the ‘50s Stratocaster produces an excellent range of styles. It punches above its weight against higher-priced guitars, and, best of all, it can be purchased for less than £300.

Gretsch G2622 Streamliner

It might be in the budget range, but you still receive that authentic Gretsch sound and feel with the G2622 Streamliner. Its thicker neck isn’t ideal for small hands, but its beefy design delivers powerful sound and style. Forget about the mundane. This electric guitar packs in a whole lot of performance and volume for its £350 price tag.

Taylor GS Mini

If you’re in the market for an acoustic guitar, you cannot go wrong with the Taylor brand. It is the most prominent acoustic guitar manufacturer alongside Martin, and their guitars tend to cost a small fortune. With the GS Mini, however, they have managed to pack in the quality the brand is known for yet done so by offering it at less than £450.

How? Nobody knows, but you don’t normally question a deal this good – you just jump on it before it’s too late.

Fender CD-60S All-Mahogany

When searching for an affordable acoustic by one of the world’s most celebrated guitar manufacturers, this Fender fits the bill. Great sound and an excellent starting point for beginners, the CD-60S can be bought for less than £150.

A guitar-buying budget

As mentioned, a band will often have two guitar players. This means that, even if you opt for mid-range guitars, you could be looking at spending at least £500 in total. Add in drums, microphones, cases, other musical instruments, and anything else needed for your band, and it can be an expensive starting point for a cash-strapped band.

This is why financing can be particularly helpful. Many guitar shops will have finance available, or you can alternatively get your own finance in the form of a loan. It is quick and easy to check how much you can borrow online from a site such as and if approved you could have the money in your account the same day.

Assuming your band gels and gets a few paying gigs early on, the investment will hopefully be worth it. Good luck!

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