The Art of Music in Virtual Reality

Music in an inevitable part of both movies and games. Since the technology is improving at a very fast pace, several breakthroughs are happening in a short period of time. Music shapes the way people experience the visuals. Many experts insist that virtual reality will revolutionize a lot of fields. Music for virtual reality cannot be made in the same way as it is made for other purposes. Virtual reality has the greatest impact when compared to all the other visual mediums.

Why is the virtual reality so effective?

Consider a group of people sitting in a theatre watching only the visual of a cyclist going through numerous turns and twists. Now consider the same situation with the addition of sounds and music such as the air passing by, the bumps and so on. Of course, the latter situation has a better effect on the audience. When the visual medium is in virtual reality the impact on the audience gets magnified.


Virtual Reality makes the user feel like he is present there in the medium he is immersed in. The personal feeling of the user that he is present in a virtual medium despite the fact that he is actually present somewhere else is the reason behind the popularity of virtual reality. This cannot be achieved until apt music and sounds in sync with the visuals present. The combination of VR and music fetches better result than the combination of 3D visuals and music.

Background music and sound effects

“Sound” on the whole covers both music and sound effects. Background music helps to elevate the scene and the sound effects make the game more realistic. However, the sound effects have to be in perfect sync with the visuals to create a realistic appeal. Some games have sounds which are from real sources and in some games, artificially created sounds are used. In most cases, pre-recorded sounds are used to make the process easier and cheaper. But, the VR game which is the first-of-its-kind creates the need for the developers to undergo the process of recording the sounds for the first time.

Since VR is a more realistic medium, the sounds should be more natural and precise. The challenges for VR game developers to create realistic visuals will be considerably higher.

Possibilities for more innovations

VR is in the infancy stage. Through many VR games are already available, many developers believe that VR has long ways to go. The technologies which create and supports VR are also in its beginning stage. The development of the controllers, headsets and especially in music there are a lot of advancements to come which can take VR to the next level.

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