American Apparel: Is it worth the sweatshop-free price?

We’ve all heard of American Apparel. A brand hailed all worthy by teenagers and young adults across the globe. With its risqué  one pieces and its ever-trending tennis skirts, one can’t help but fall victim to the simplicity and aesthetically pleasing designs. AA uses a range of model sizes too, many of which are labelled ‘plus size’. Venturing onto its website you see exposed breasts and girls with long flowing locks. One thought that springs to mind though: the price.

In comparison to stores such as H&M or Primark, a price of a simple AA tee may not be worth the dollar. Having owned a skirt, which costs nearly £50 from the retailer, one could argue you could go into high street equivalents and pay such a price. Many a times it has been witnessed that people, mainly teens, complain of AA’s prices. The reason for high prices? Sweatshop-free baby.

AA prides itself on not forcing its workers to sit hours on end making thousands of garments whilst underpaying them significantly. In fact, just venturing onto its website or into a store, you will see the phrase ‘Sweatshop Free’ everywhere you turn. Compared to the amount of clothing stores that DO use sweatshops, you could say that American Apparel is a breath of fresh air.

Looking at its main demographic, which appear to be teenagers when looking at various social media sites, the price of its clothing could be higher than many people’s budgets. The question is do you have it in your heart to pay extra for the price of fair work?


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