5 Ways To Keep Your Horse Cool And Comfortable This Summer

As the warm weather approaches, it’s time to get your horse prepared for summer. As the temperature rises and the air becomes heavy with humidity, horses need to be kept cool and comfortable so they can stay healthy. Here are some ways you can keep your horse happy this summer.

Plenty Of Water

One of the most important things you can do for your horse is to provide them with plenty of water. Horses need a constant supply of fresh drinking water in order to keep themselves cool, hydrated, and healthy. In the summer, it’s vital to ensure their water trough in the field is full by checking it each day.

Fly Rugs

The best way to keep your horse comfortable this summer is with a different type of horse rug designed for hotter weather, such as a fly rug. These horse rugs are lightweight and breathable, which are perfect for keeping horse flies and other biting insects off them during the day without causing them to sweat. As well as preventing flies from irritating your horse, many fly rugs provide UV protection which is perfect for preventing sunburn during the hotter days of the year. If your horse needs a fly rug this summer, check out this range of rugs for horses from Little Fields Farm.

Fans For The Stables

Stable fans are the perfect way to keep your horse cool during the hot summer months. Not just any fan will do; you need a fan that is designed specifically for these conditions. Tower fans are best because they allow air to move through without creating too much of a breeze and causing the horses to become anxious or restless. However, you must keep the fan in a place your horse cannot reach as they could injure themselves if their tails get caught in the fan. This is even more important if your horse is the mischievous type who is likely to try and chew the fan or knock it over, which could cause other injuries or stress from the noise to other horses in the stable block.

Have Shady Areas For Turnout

Your horse needs relief from the heat, so make sure you have shady areas for turnout. If possible, move them to an area with a breeze and trees. These areas will help keep the horse cool and comfortable.

If you’re not able to alter the turnout area, ensure there are plenty of water sources by adding extra drinking buckets. However, if your field is a sun trap, you may want to consider overnight turnout as an alternative if you are unable to provide shade for your horse during the day. This will ensure they have plenty of time for grazing without risking heatstroke, sunburn, or dehydration.

Add A Salt Lick

During the summer, your horse may experience excessive sweating, and you might want to place a salt lick in their stable to combat this. A salt lick will give your horse a great source of electrolytes and minerals that are lost when he sweats. Salt licks are available at most tack stores, so you should be able to find one that fits your budget.

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