Smok Alien 220W TC – Reviewed

Smok Alien 220W TC
  • Smok Alien 220W TC

The Verdict:

If you’re in the market for a powerful mod with Temp control, that’s big enough for the larger tanks and RDA’s, you won’t go wrong with the Smok Alien.

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The Smok Alien 220W TC has been constructed as rather a compact device that fits nicely into the hand. Despite the compact design Smok manged to squeeze in a rather large screen that displays all you need to see and a couple of things you don’t. (puff counter and length of inhale)

I bought my Smok Alien as I needed to upgrade to a more powerful dual 18650 mod and wanted one that could use temperature control, fit a 25mm tank and be reliable without breaking the bank.


Looks are of course subjective but the compact size of the device was appealing, the juxtaposition of a compact device and large screen was another big draw. I have the black with gunmetal accents, a nice design flourish that stop it from being another brick. The mock carbon fibre panel may divide tastes, I’m not a fan but it faces into my palm so I don’t really look at it.

Using the mod:

The up and down Smok-TC-Modes__00401.1482585296.1280.1280buttons below the screen depress to a satisfying click as you control either the wattage or temperature. I’m a big fan of the big trigger style button which is used to fire the atomiser. It’s also  your “confirm” button and  circulates through the menus. A lot of work for one button, but it means you can control almost every aspect of the Smok Alien by simply squeezing your hand.

It fires every single time without fail and the temperature control mode also works flawlessly. It has settings for Steel, Nickel and Titanium. You can also manually adjust the TCR.  So whatever Temp control metal you use, get the appropriate number online and  you can get the best Temperature control setting for your coils.

Mine has stood up to daily usage for over 5 months like a champ, excellent build quality, no rattles on day one and none since. Many people have complained about the paint chipping off drastically. I have not experienced this, the bottom has worn a little from putting it down and the top edge has a few pixel sized dots. I do keep mine in a pocket with nothing else or on a desk. If yours does chip, the Smok Alien is so popular there are endless sticker covers and cases for very little money.

If you’re in the market for a powerful mod with Temp control that’s big enough for the larger tanks and RDA’s you won’t go wrong with the Smok Alien.



  • With 220 watts it has more than enough power for any normal usage and temp control (which I use a lot) is nice to have even if you don’t use it.
  • Even when pushed into high watts the device only gets a little bit warm with sustained chain vaping.
  • It does fit the 25mm tank I had my eye on, it looks great but has the most microscopic bit of overhang, literally less than a millimetre
  • The battery door on these used to fall open all the time but this has been fixed and now it only opens when there are no batteries inside.
  • 36695 is the current read on the pointless puff counter and I have not encountered a single issue with the Smok Alien.
  • Quality 510 connection and overall build quality.
  • The price (with or without TFV8 tank) is unrivalled for this level of functionality and build quality.
  • The paint can chip (high quality stickers available, even custom ones).
  • Not a con, but a note: If coming from a single 18650 device, dual 18650s are pretty heavy.
  • Also buy two sets of 2 brand new batteries that are ‘married’ for life.
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