E-Liquid Review: Momo – Soda-Lish

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Described as “Freshly squeezed lemonade, ripened English raspberries with a grapefruit twist and a hint of plum, all served with a satisfying fizzy finish”.  “Hydrate your senses with the taste of summer all year round”.

Momo – Soda-Lish:

It can be found online for £28.00 at momoeliquid.com. It comes in 3mg nicotine strength and is a 80%VG  20%PG blend.

The Bottle:

This UK E –Liquid comes in a 120ml purple glass bottle. The brand logo is a crazy looking cyclops cloud thing and if you’re a fan, good news! It comes with a free sticker. On the side of the bottle you find the nicotine strength and bottle size, but no indication of VG/PG.

How does it vape?

The 80% VG creates excellent dense vapour that lingers in the mouth and nose increasing your tasting time. There isn’t a noticeable throat hit which supports their refreshing hydrating description. The fizz claimed by Momo comes out as a subtle tingling sensation on the tongue which in the case of spitback can be very noticeable.

How does it taste?

It really does taste like summer; the fruit blend has a particular ripeness that is reminiscent of fruit in season. Despite the presence of raspberry and grapefruit the flavour is not at all sharp and relies a lot on the sweetness of the lemonade element. The hint of plum claimed in the description is quite present in the smell but when vaping comes in most prominently on the end of the exhale.

With this liquid you can’t exactly tick off the flavours as they appear on inhale or exhale because Momo have done such a good job at blending. It tastes like a refreshing summer drink.

The verdict:

Soda-Lish is an excellent sweet summer fruit vape. The vapour production and fruit flavour team up to create an excellent vape that really washes around the mouth. In my view it could have a stronger overall flavour but they balanced it so well I’d be reluctant for them to tinker with it. The sweetness is spot on for refreshment and doesn’t stray into the overly sweet ‘candy’ territory as so many fizzy drink flavours inevitably do. I would recommend you pick this up if you like a fruity vape. Don’t be put off if it has a fruit in there you don’t like because this one is really about the blend.

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