E – Liquid Review: Rapture – Satisfaction

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Rapture – Satisfaction:
Described as “A thick wafer cone filled to the top with delicious lemon ice cream, topped with lashings of extra lemon sauce”.

This liquid can be found online for £19.99 at vapingstation.co.uk. It comes in 3mg nicotine strength and is a 80% VG 20% PG blend.

The Bottle:

The logo stands out on the plain background and all the information about the liquid is there nice and clearly printed. My bottle came with a closed lid and an extra one with an opening which was a little tricky to not make a mess with. The bottle size is a little out of the ordinary at 70ml, but you get a little more for your money.

How does it vape?

The 80% VG delivers superb vapour production; the clouds are large and crucially dense which carries flavour well. The fixed 3mg nicotine and low PG mean that throat hit is non-existent; to me this is essential when vaping a dessert flavour, as it simulates the sensation accurately.

How does it taste?

On the inhale you are first struck by the hyper realistic waffle/wafer cone flavour that fills the nose as if some had been freshly made in front of you. As this gives way sweetened cream washes across the tongue until you finish with a fresh and zesty lemon which cuts the sweetness just enough to balance all the flavours. I’ll admit to struggling initially with this one, not knowing where to put the watts/temp without losing any of the flavours. I found bumping up the watts a bit actually brought the lemon out more, which hasn’t always been the case with citrus in my experience. This left me with a well balanced complete flavour that felt like one cohesive dessert rather than a bunch of flavours stuffed in and struggling for supremacy.

The verdict:

Without mincing words this is my favourite dessert vape, hands down. I love lemon in real desserts and this liquid simulates its flavours superbly. The freshly made taste of waffle, accurate cream and zesty lemon creates a sweet but not too sweet dessert that becomes incredibly difficult not to chain vape. It’s incredibly moreish because it’s incredibly good, but if you can stand to leave it a while the flavour only gets better.

If this flavour profile sounds like a dessert you would eat this liquid is for you. Flavour replication, ladies and gents, is the name of the game.

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