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Obama: A Legacy In The Making

One year ago this month Barack Obama was sworn in for his second term as president, but more significantly it

Top 10 Presidents Fortitude.1
US Presidents: Top 10

Americans have long felt that whoever sits behind the desk in the oval office is the most powerful man in

debt ceiling
Mission Not Accomplished… Yet

After 16 tense days, as America teeters on the edge of the fiscal cliff, congress has finally passed a bilateral

US Capitol building
US Government Shutdown – Choose Your Side: Democrat or Republican

After losing the House of Representatives to the Republicans in last year’s election, Barack Obama was always going to find

syrian weaponsBrett
Syrian Decommissioning: What Next?

Yesterday was a day of revelation in the ongoing crisis in Syria. Firstly, it seems despite denying so (and still

Good Politics or Commons’ Sense to Vote ‘no’ on Syria?

It seemed for a brief moment that William Hague was finally going to get his wish of military action towards

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Uncertain And Dangerous Times Ahead For Egypt

Just 19 months after the revolution that toppled President Hosni Mubarak in Egypt the North African country has become a