We Need to Talk About eSports

Actually, we don’t need to talk about eSports at all. That’s just a little moment of parody- all online articles seem to be titled like that now and it’s worth poking fun at. However, eSports are actually quite interesting at the moment….

If you’re not sure what they are then it’s simple: electronic sports. You know, like e-mail and e-book and e-by-gum. This essentially means playing computer games professionally, for big bucks. That’s one aspect of it all that makes it interesting- the quantities of money involved. Who’d have thought playing computer games could be quite so profitable?

Another interesting feature of this phenomenon is that the bookies are getting involved. If you’re not a regular at the likes of Paddy Power then you might have missed this development, but you can now bet on eSports just as you can bet on football and the horses. League of Legends is a big title and now Fornite too.

…Kind of weird? Maybe, but is it really any weirder than betting on a football match? The immediate difference that springs to mind is that football is real and eSports is virtual. But football is sort of virtual too, really. After all, what’s so “real” about twenty-two fully grown men running about like mad trying to kick an object into a net? We buy into that contrived scenario and endow it with significance unthinkingly, simply because it’s so well established. Well, eSports will be well established in a decade too, won’t it?


So what’s going to happen to the more traditional forms of gambling? Well, it’s hard to say at this point. There’s certainly room for all sorts of sports to live happily side by side in the sports betting world. The profile and popularity of eSports will probably grow and grow, although whether it will ever be able to rival something like a big Anthony Joshua boxing match is unclear.

Then there’s the iGaming world to consider too. Online slots and online poker are big business now, with mobile gaming being the focus of most of the major brands today. Promotions such as a fantastic slot bonus or receiving X amount of pounds or dollars when you join up are still proving very effective at the moment. In fact, the market is flourishing so much that it has created a demand for, what is in effect, Sherpas of the iGaming world. The purpose of these sites, such as this one called Free Play Casinos, is to guide you to the best deals out there at any given time. So will this side of things be threatened by the rise of eSports?

Again, at this stage, it looks as though there’s easily room for both to peacefully cohabit as they’re not really in direct competition just now. With the development of loot packs and in-game gambling, there is some potential for this to change, but since governments are cracking down on all that it seems pretty unlikely.

So how should we wrap up these reflections on modernity? Well, eSports is new, exciting and lucrative and is something we’ll be seeing more and more of as time goes by. It’s unlikely to knock out traditional sports such as boxing and will probably increase, rather than diminish, the popularity of iGaming in general. Professional gaming still doesn’t seem very cool just yet and retains a degree of nerdiness, but, it’s definitely getting there….

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