Interview: MK1- “We love taking one genre and completely putting our own spin on it”

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About to head off on a string of UK dates in December, and of course their show in the Half Moon, Cork on November 30th, MK1 are ready to live up to their live reputation…

We caught up with Charlie and Sim before they take off…


Hey guys! How are you?

We’re good, you alright?!

You guys are about to head off to do a number of dates across the UK- looking forward to that?

Sim: Yeah it’s gonna be amazing! What makes this one so special is we’re playing with a full live band. And we’re gonna be performing a lot of new songs from our album so the fans can look out for some exciting new material. 

You’re playing in Cork before actually kickstarting the UK dates. What’s the reception usually like for you guys in Ireland?

Sim: The reception is always out of this world! The appreciation that the Irish fans show us is always spot on! It sort of feels like our second home to be honest, ’cause ever since coming off the X Factor, we’ve been in Ireland quite a lot. We can’t wait to come back at the end of the month ’cause it’s been some time. 

Of course, Louis Walsh was your mentor during your time on the X Factor. Do you guys still keep in touch?

Sim: Yeah we do. Charlie and I text him a while back to let him know we were in Ireland and we were meant to meet up but turned out we couldn’t do it, so hopefully this time! He’s been great to us and we really loved him as a mentor.

On the subject of the X Factor- how was life been for you after that? I mean it must have been a massive positive on your career- does it feel that way for you?

Sim: Manic actually, getting stopped by strangers showing lots of love, performing all around the country, also being invited to the best parties in london!

Is there anything you would change about your X Factor experience?

Charlie: I just wish I had had more say in the decisions, like argued more to be allowed to play guitar or piano.

Moving on from the X Factor- you have a debut album on the way. Talk to us about that?

Sim: We’re working with some industry heavyweight producers such as jake gosling (ed sheeran), rob davis (kylie minougue), and skripture (dappy from n-dubz). The album is sounding really current, fresh, and dynamic. 

For people who haven’t listened to much of your music- how would you describe your sound? Do you guys like to experiment with genres are do you keep it quite confined?

Charlie: Experimenting is mine and Sim’s favourite word! We love taking one genre and completely putting our own spin on it. We obviously have an urban stamp from sims rap and an indie feel from my voice, but after that pretty much anything goes.

We’ve a few fan questions for you after this but firstly- how important is it to you guys to stay in touch with fans? Obviously, with Twitter etc, it’s a lot easier now- is it something you engage in quite a bit?

Sim: Super important, there isn’t a day that goes by when we dont talk to our fans. Interaction with the people who make living out our dream possible should not be ignored.

Ok, time for some fan questions!

Hannah: What is your favourite song to perform?

Charlie: ‘Be My Baby’ is most definitely my favourite, but one of our new tracks for MK1 Alive ‘Make You Mine’ is catching up fast. 

Natalie: What are 5 things you would have if you got stranded on a deserted island?

Sim: Evian water, i phone, haribo star mix, nicole sherzy, and extra pair of boxers.

Saskia: Where is your favourite place to go on a night out?

Sim: Funky budda in london-mayfair.

Emily: What is your favourite song to listen to at the moment?

Charlie: My favourite song that’s out at the moment? I love Eminem’s Monster with Rihanna. I love his entire album! And of course i just love her. 

Timmy: What was your best fan experience?

Sim: Going clubbing with some fans after a gig while we were in ireland.

Thanks a million for that interview guys!

Thank you!


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